Participation. My Canadian Pharmacy Leaves an Application

Zonal Process for Indian Participation

CALL FOR PARTICIPATIONThe 10th IWHM Organizing Committee offers an invitation to get acquainted with presentations, seminars concerning the women’s health being the main topic of this Meeting. You should be in hurry because the latest time to be registered is March 15, 2005. My Canadian Pharmacy is going to attend such a meeting to know more about women’s health and the ways to solve the health problems. It may help us to order some more drugs related to the women’s health problems.

Instruction for Filing:

  • You must clear send your documents on IWHM taking into the consideration the main topic and aims of this meeting;
  • The information you are going to present should be based on the work performed;.
  • It should be clearly explained;
  • It should be unique and should not have been used previously.

The text should be organized in such a way:

  • An utterance of the program/project aims and goals, or main aspects of the paper/workshops/symposiums/cultural events.
  • An utterance of the strategies/approaches utilized.
  • The detailed summary of outcome.
  • An utterance of conclusions proved, inclusively of possible ramifications for policy.

The write up should contain the information about the preferable form of presentation: oral, poster, or cultural expression.

An author has a right to present two write-ups.

The write – up should not be in excess of 300 words.

It is better to identify clearly the title and do not use abbreviations. You may use abbreviate forms in brackets after the full form of the notion.

For further details about the participation in the 10th IWHM, please write to