Women’s Rights. Equality with My Canadian Pharmacy

Women's Rights And Medical Technologies

The 10th IWHM is going to argue about the difficulties and convergences about medical science, its technologies, education and practices. All these aspects influence the health care in general and women in particular. Women may be treated their disorders due to My Canadian Pharmacy. It is an online pharmacy satisfying all the customers’ needs.

If you visit our meeting you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How can we work out for the effective accomplishment of international ethical management and regulations for trying and use of new technologies?
  • How can we achieve women-friendly safe practices and knowledge systems and install them into current health care?
  • Can technologies that repose with communities be ready to increase the level of women’s health in a holistic manner?
  • How do structures and functioning of the medical systems and technologies affect health and social inequalities?