My Canadian Pharmacy: Organizing Strategies

Organizing for ChangeThe balance of changes will become understandable if all the connections are understandable as well but involuntary and anti-poor people/country policies decreed to take under control immigration keeping the environment, underlining the negational role of population increase and pushing lapsided development. All of these policies draw attention damaging the environment, our maintenance and life in general. The nature is involved in all spheres of our lives which we should treat in a proper manner. We should be responsible for the environmental goods as My Canadian Pharmacy does. This online pharmacy uses only eco-friendly components to create new preparations. We should assume the necessity for prolonging vigilance, efficiency and should possess the information necessary to make strategies.

Making strategies, organizing and re-organizing movements for alterations while duty is growing complicated. To catalogue some of the discrepancies:

  • Reproductive rights language of the women’s movements has been performed as official language in the 1990s. How have we treated with issues of ‘elections’, ‘cooperation’ and ‘independence’?
  • The notion as ‘right for choice’ has always provoked combined reflections from women movements of the North and South. Nevertheless, it was held with favour alongside with rights. Now we are embarrassed with the choice language for sex-selection, pre-selection and motherhood for postmenopausal women. How do we explain ‘choices’ now?
  • Equivalence politics has presented the amplitude for the concerns articulation of ‘insensibility’, ‘social isolation’, ‘revolt’, etc. At this point of view, how do we investigate the possibilities of common agenda for protection, concerns and organizations?
  • Women from various parts of the world asked language that homogenated experiences and universal feeling of ‘sisterhood’. Can we now investigate the capability of increasing global feminist participation that support and respect difference and variety?

A discussion on about number of these questions can benefit to our visualization of strategies for change. The discussions made it possible to know more from existing forms of revolts to negative and exploitative policies demand to be center-staged so that their potential for up-scaling across other groups and regions can be investigated.

2. The 10th IWHM Agenda 2.1 The Challenge
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