Reproductive Rights and Health Provided by My Canadian Pharmacy

Population Policies and HealthThe ICPD Platform of Action supports sexual and reproductive rights but population control policies are creating returns to the previous laws all over the world. Anti-women positions and the manipulation of sexual and reproductive rights are being testified under various shapes in different countries, but throughout they are part of increased militarism and strengthening fundamentalism of being accepted by almost all the countries. Population control ideas and policies have become like steel or some kind of tool to provide the national safety and security. While feminists and women’s movements all over the world, during a decade, have constantly hold up on the deteriorating interconnections of reproductive rights, the revival of population politics in the era of strengthening militarism has become an supplementary issue that demands to be associated into these concerns. My Canadian Pharmacy claims that all people should have a legal right to bear children according their desire. If they want to have five children they should have them. And if there are problems with health you may command the service of My Canadian Pharmacy.

1. Introduction 1.1 Global Restructuring and Health
1.2 Environmental Concerns and Health 1.4 Militarism and Health
2. The 10th IWHM Agenda 3. Focal Themes