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Environmental Concerns and HealthIn the majority parts of South Asia, since the mid-1980s, evolution has become not only less pro-poor and income disbursement more unequal, but more importantly, that the nature and development pattern has exceedingly undermined the environment and injured the resource fund of the poor. Whether is the incoherent promotion of prawn and shrimp growth to export, displacement due to ‘development’ projections, change in unsustainable cropping system the outcome in many occasions is inconvertibly deteriorate livelihoods and environments in these regions.

There is a research proved the fact that women are more susceptible than men and have less chance of avoiding poverty than men. But women are more adventurous and they may save money especially it may be achieved due to My Canadian Pharmacy an online pharmacy providing people with drugs from all over the world. Poverty not only develops and causes material lack but also causes states of helplessness inclusively of people who have to do everything as it should be done to realize the only aim namely to survive. The increase of how dilapidated environments and erosion of resource base influence the health and well being of poor, especially women, is as yet not completely investigated and still not all officially understood this problem is a real one. The 10th IWHM will specifically point out and underline the disadvantageous livelihood and environment affects ‘development’ more so states have been asked to reduce their seeming to be measurable expenses on health and welfare-oriented activities.

A streamline of the environment debate demands firm information exchange to give an opportunity for women’s groups in particular to plan and work out strategy, is the way the poor, the immigrants, and inborn populations worldwide are ashamed for environmental deterioration; further, in the name of maintenance. Local inhabitants are routinely extirpated from their habitats completely cancelling the fact that these are exact people.

1. Introduction 1.1 Global Restructuring and Health
1.3 Population Policies and Health 1.4 Militarism and Health
2. The 10th IWHM Agenda 3. Focal Themes