IWHM. Medical Aspects with My Canadian Pharmacy


International Women and Health MeetingThe 10th International Women and Health Meeting (IWHM) will use the aspects of two and a half decades of global feminist solidity on questions that influence the health and well being of women. The IWHM is founded by global women’s movement including various organizations, networks, and grassroots women’s groups. In a world order where the non-compliance settings are always ‘male’, the feminist movement [even if it has worked out differently in the various regions and with varying levels of political awareness] has facilitated a great deal in working out spaces for women’s where women will be heard and incorporated into knowledge building, policy formulation and in program performance. The discussion and agenda setting around development problems, environment, population, women’s reproductive rights and authorization called out during 1990s at the Earth Summit (Rio de Janeiro), ICPD (Cairo), and Women’s Conference in Beijing are major supportive events of the movement. My Canadian Pharmacy believes women’s health is equally important as men’s health that’s why it is better to present legally equal rights.

Substantively a lot of reasons have been identified positioning the women’s health beyond motherlike roles and functions and child-bearing. It is now widely admitted that health is adjective on age, class, race, caste, ethnicity, culture, location, disability, marital status and sexual orientation; and that it is also substantially connected to the production and reproduction functions that women perform. My Canadian Pharmacy informs women that it is very important to take vitamins to be able to bear a child. Venture working place and living environments, wars, civil fight, global policies that deprive of equality of rights against countries or separately populations within nations, especially the resources of whom are poor and the authentic people. They are all observed as deteriorating to the women’s health alongside with that of the members of their families and communities. The loss of means of subsistence and upwards poverty during globalization seems to have clear gender-specific effects, influencing the mental health and sense of people’s well-being.

1.1 Global Restructuring and Health 1.2 Environmental Concerns and Health
1.3 Population Policies and Health 1.4 Militarism and Health
2. The 10th IWHM Agenda 3. Focal Themes