Women’s Health Meeting

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The 10th International Women and Health Meeting (IWHM) seeks to highlight politics, policies and issues that adversely affect women’s health and simultaneously bring out the linkages and interconnections of these seemingly disparate phenomena. As the title of the theme suggests, the meeting attempts to reiterate the holistic concept of health, and to strengthen the claim for health care and health as a justified right for all people. The lessons learnt from contemporary forms of advocacy, campaigns, mobilisation and resistance to callous, coercive or exploitative state policies will be highlighted, for sharing and networking across other groups and regions. The 10th IWHM hopes that such global networking will eventually build into a movement that can make a difference to people’s lives and in particular, to women’s lives.


10th IWHMThe International Women and Health Meeting (IWHM) has its roots in the global women’s movement and includes a wide range of organisations, networks, and grassroots women’s groups. The 10th IWHM will mark nearly two and a half decades of the global feminist solidarity on issues that impinge on the health and well being of women.The 2005 Meeting is a significant one as it comes at a moment in history when several national and international forces adversely impact women’s health. The current context of global economic restructuring and liberalization of markets, increasing militarization of countries and regions, growing fundamentalisms of various hues, resurgence of population policies, adoption and practice of developmental models and paradigms that are playing havoc with the environment, call for urgent action by civil society bodies, including women’s groups all over the world.