Women’s Health Meeting and My Canadian Pharmacy

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The main aim of the 10th IWHM is to find out such problems which have the negative influence on women health as well as to work out the connection between these problems and their solutions. We try to develop a complex approach to women health and to point out that all people have equal rights in medical aid reception. My Canadian Pharmacy is also directed to provide women with effective preparations for health problems treatment. This meeting is based on defense and mobilization against cold-hearted constraining policies to show it for all regions and groups. We are hopeful that this meeting will be successful to build up an organization having influence on people lives in general and women’s lives in particular.


10th IWHMThe International Women and Health Meeting (IWHM) starts its activity due to the international women’s movement inclusively of various organizations and establishments. The 10th IWHM will point out the facts of two and the half decades of female solidity on problems with which women confront. The 2005 Meeting is considered to be essential because it takes the facts from the history which make women act under the force. Women’s health suffer from such inequality but nowadays there are various ways to be equal for example My Canadian Pharmacy http://my-medstore-canada.net/ points out that they have a different range of medical preparations efficient in women’s health problems treatment. The nowadays situation with the economics, medicine, military supply make people all over the world unite including the female organizations.

Goal and Aim

The 10th IWHM is directed to focus the attention on women’s health as a permanent right. This meeting is going to provide you with the following aspects:

  • understanding and realizing the multivariable approaches if your rights are supported or disturbed;
  • fighting gainst the disturbed rights;
  • understanding the connections between the positions and finding the solutions;
  • working out the strategies helping to be equal.